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Entertainment Marketing

Entertainment Marketing

At Lindley Hancock we redefine the entertainment marketing landscape

through stealth and experiential strategies

that captivate audiences and create unforgettable moments.


Our mission is to bridge the gap between

entertainment brands and their target audiences,

ensuring every campaign resonates deeply and leaves a lasting impact.

At Lindley Hancock, we offer specialized marketing services tailored to the entertainment industry:

  • Stealth Marketing Campaigns that generate organic buzz and anticipation without revealing the full picture, intriguing audiences and building momentum.

  • Experiential Marketing Events for movies, junkets, and podcasts, creating immersive experiences that engage audiences and leave a memorable brand impression.

  • Social Media Blitzes and Influencer Collaborations to amplify reach and connect with audiences on platforms where they spend their time.

  • Content Creation that tells a story, from behind-the-scenes peeks to exclusive interviews, crafted to captivate and share.


Our unique selling points lie in our ability to merge creativity with strategy, ensuring each campaign not only reaches its audience but also resonates on a deeper level.

Lindley Hancock Entertainment Marketing
Lindley Hancock Film Marketing

Lindley Hancock stands at the forefront of entertainment marketing, blending cutting-edge technology with creative storytelling to craft campaigns that engage and excite.


Our team, composed of industry veterans and marketing innovators, possesses a unique flair for creating buzzworthy experiences and stealth campaigns

that drive interest and engagement.


With a history of successful collaborations

with leading entertainment brands,

we bring passion, expertise, and a visionary approach

to every project, ensuring our clients shine in the spotlight.

Keep up with the latest trends in entertainment marketing,

insights from successful campaigns, and tips

on engaging your audience in innovative ways.


Lindley Hancock serves as a hub for

creative ideas, industry news, and success stories.

Whether you're launching a movie,

promoting a podcast, or planning an entertainment event,

at Lindley Hancock, we've got you covered.

Lindley Hancock Movie Marketing

Are you ready to make your mark in the entertainment world?

Contact Lindley Hancock today

and let us craft a marketing campaign
that will not only spotlight your project but also create

a wave of anticipation and engagement.

Your next entertainment venture
deserves to be unforgettable.

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