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AI Subsidiaries

* Condensed list of LH's notable AI-based subsidiaries. 

Welcome to the Future
of AI Innovation

Lindley Hancock is at the forefront of artificial intelligence innovation, with a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries dedicated to advancing AI technology, applications, and education.


Our subsidiaries span a wide range of AI-focused endeavors,

from AI course development and design to

AI-driven platforms for various industries. 

Lindley Hancock's subsidiaries

are shaping the future, one innovation at a time.

AI Development & Design

  • AI Course Developer: Revolutionizing AI education, cutting-edge courses.

  • AI Designs: Crafting the future of AI in design.

  • AI Dia & AI Dias: Pioneering platforms for AI dialogue and discovery.

  • AI Fluencer: Redefining influencer marketing through AI technology.

  • AI Index: Tracking AI trends and advancements globally.

AI for Social & Corporate Solutions

  • AI Ladies & AI Lady: Empowering women in AI through community and education.

  • AI Lead Gen & AI Leads: Transforming lead generation with AI-driven insights.

  • AI Test Kitchen: Experimenting with AI flavors in culinary arts.

  • AI Voting: Enhancing democratic processes with AI solutions.

  • AI Vuh: Streamlining business processes through AI integration.

AI for Social & Corporate Solutions

  • Avéla & Bible Bestie: Integrating AI into daily spirituality and community.

  • Biblical Kids: Bringing bible stories to life with AI for children.

  • Branded Prompt: Customizing AI content creation for brands.

  • Build an AI: DIY AI building for enthusiasts and professionals.

  • Buying AI: Guiding consumers in the AI market.

New Heights with Lindley Hancock

AI in Dating, Marketing, and More

  • Date Bot: Revolutionizing dating with AI compatibility insights.

  • How to AI: A comprehensive guide to starting with AI.

  • Markifyr: Leveraging AI for impactful digital marketing.

  • Prompt Co & Prompt Index: Streamlining content creation with AI prompts.

  • Sera Sound: Enhancing music discovery with AI.

AI in Hospitality and Real Estate

  • SF Concierge, SF Luxury Rentals, SF Noe Valley, SF Rental, Victorian Rental: Revolutionizing San Francisco's real estate and hospitality with AI.

  • VIP Bay Area, VIP Stay: Offering AI-enhanced luxury experiences in the Bay Area.

AI Education and User Experience

  • Teach Me GPT: Demystifying GPT technology for learners.

  • Ultimate Trivia Hunt: An AI-powered trivia adventure.

  • UX Magic: Reimagining user experience design through AI.

  • Your AI: Personalized AI solutions for everyday use.

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