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  • Lindley Hancock | AI Ladies

    Meet Ashley Lindley & Jessica Hancock: Your Advocates for AI Inclusion & Diversity Bridging the Gap Between AI Founders and the Public ​ Ashley and Jessica, the AI Ladies, are your go-to advocates for AI advocacy, public relations, and policy. With their combined expertise and commitment, the AI Ladies ensure that AI serves everyone equally. ​ Meet Ashley Lindley & Jessica Hancock: Your Advocates for AI Inclusion & Diversity Bridging the Gap Between AI Founders and the Public ​ Ashley and Jessica, the AI Ladies, are your go-to advocates for AI advocacy, public relations, and policy. With their combined expertise and commitment, the AI Ladies ensure that AI serves everyone equally. ​ Our Story Advocacy and Empowerment Our journey began when we noticed a significant gap in the AI industry - a lack of diversity and inclusion. We decided to take a stand, leveraging our backgrounds in AI, public relations, and policy to advocate for change. We believe in the power of AI, but we also believe it should be developed and used responsibly, with everyone's interests in mind. ​ Our Mission Promoting Inclusion, Diversity, and Fairness in AI Our mission is to ensure that AI is developed and used in a way that benefits everyone, regardless of their background or identity. We're committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in the AI industry, influencing government policy to support these values, and connecting AI founders with the public to foster understanding and collaboration. ​ Our Vision A Future Where AI Serves Everyone Equally We envision a future where AI is as diverse and inclusive as the world we live in. A future where AI serves everyone equally, and where everyone has a say in how AI is developed and used. We're here to help make that future a reality. ​ Call to Action Join Us in Making AI More Inclusive and Diverse Are you passionate about making AI more inclusive and diverse? Join us in our mission. Whether you're an AI founder, a policy maker, or a member of the public, we need your help to make a difference. Learn more about how you can get involved. ​ Promoting Inclusive and Diverse AI Practices Championing for Fair and Equitable AI As an AI Lady we're more than just advocates for AI - we're champions for change. We believe in the transformative power of AI, but we also believe that it should be developed and used in a way that is fair, equitable, and inclusive. Our Advocacy Work Driving Change in the AI Industry Our advocacy work is centered around promoting diversity and inclusion in the AI industry. We work tirelessly to ensure that AI technologies are developed and used in a way that respects and values everyone's identities and experiences. This includes advocating for fair hiring practices in the AI industry, promoting the use of diverse data sets in AI development, and pushing for transparency and accountability in AI technologies. Our Impact Making a Difference in AI Through our advocacy work, we've been able to influence policy, drive change within organizations, and raise awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion in AI. We've seen firsthand the impact that our efforts can have, and we're committed to continuing this important work. Our Partners Working Together for a More Inclusive AI We're proud to partner with a range of organizations that share our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in AI. These partnerships allow us to amplify our impact and reach a wider audience. ​ Join Our Advocacy Efforts Are you passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion in AI? Join our advocacy efforts. Whether you're an AI professional, a policy maker, or a member of the public, your voice can make a difference. Learn more about how you can get involved. AI Lady & the AI Ladies advocate for Inclusion & Diversity in AI AI Lady ™ AI Ladies ™ © Lindley Hancock & Co AI Lady & the AI Ladies advocate for Inclusion & Diversity in AI AI Ladies: Site Index Home Page Welcome to AI Lady ™ AI Ladies ™: Advocating for Inclusion & Diversity in AI Your go-to platform for AI advocacy, public relations, and policy Ask an AI question today About Us Meet Ashley and Jessica: Your Advocates for AI Inclusion and Diversity Bridging the gap between AI founders and the public Learn more about our mission AI Advocacy Promoting Inclusive and Diverse AI Practices Championing for fair and equitable AI Join our advocacy efforts Public Relations and Policy Shaping AI Public Relations and Policy Influencing government policy for better AI practices Propose an AI initiative Ask AI Have an AI Question? We've Got Answers Helping the public understand AI Ask your AI question Report Inclusion Issues Report AI Inclusion Issues Help us ensure AI is for everyone Report an issue Contact Us Get in Touch with AI Lady ™ AI Ladies ™ We're here to help Contact us

  • Lindley Hancock | Luxury Travel Marketing, Tourism, Resorts, Hospitality

    Elite Travel Elevating Travel: Luxury Marketing Solutions At Lindley Hancock we transform the travel landscape by introducing innovative marketing strategies that highlight the uniqueness and luxury of each travel experience. We connect discerning travelers with unforgettable destinations, elevating each journey into a tale of luxury, comfort, and exclusive adventure. Message Us Lindley Hancock specializes in crafting marketing masterpieces for the travel sector, offering services including: ​ Bespoke Marketing Strategies tailored to the luxury travel market, designed to showcase the unique appeal of destinations and experiences. Digital Storytelling that brings destinations to life through immersive content, virtual tours, and interactive media. Influencer Partnerships and Social Media Campaigns that connect with travelers on a personal level , creating aspirational content that inspires action. Exclusive Event Promotion to highlight the unique offerings of luxury travel experiences, from launch parties to VIP gatherings. Our approach sets us apart, focusing on the art of storytelling to captivate and allure the modern luxury traveler , making every campaign a journey in itself. At Lindley Hancock, we combine a deep passion for travel with unparalleled marketing expertise, creating a team uniquely qualified to elevate luxury travel experiences. Our collective background encompasses a rich tapestry of success stories, from launching bespoke travel packages to reimagining the digital presence of world-class resorts. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we bring each destination's story to life, engaging potential travelers with compelling narratives and immersive marketing campaigns. Message Us Lindley Hancock strives to be the beacon of luxury travel marketing , where exclusive destinations and premium travel experiences find their voice and audience. We have redefined how luxury travel is marketed and experienced, ensuring that every campaign we undertake not only reaches but exceeds the expectations of the world's most sophisticated travel brands. Your next chapter in luxury travel takes flight. Contact Lindley Hancock today: learn how our luxury travel marketing services can elevate your brand and connect you with the world's most discerning travelers. Message Us

  • Lindley Hancock | Luxury Branding, Stealth Marketing, AI Advertising

    AWARD WINNING WORLD LEADER Exceptional Services for the Discerning F ew Situated in the heart of innovation, we specialize in crafting exclusive marketing strategies for the world's most prestigious brands and affluent clientele. Our bespoke services, including stealth marketing, PR, branding, SMM, are designed to elevate your brand's presence and captivate your distinguished audience. BRANDING DESIGN TRAINING DATA SETS LEAD GEN AI BUILDING STEALTH SERVICES ADVERTISING MARKETING PUBLIC RELATIONS SPEAKING PERCEPTION * Best Selling: Stealth Services include our signature service by LEA's (Luxury Experience Auditors); A preliminary, bespoke evaluation for all clientele. Advertising can predict the success or failure of a company. We're known for our PREDICTIONS: DATA SCIENCE is a science; NUMBERS don't lie; Our clients take our feedback to: ADVERTISE with us - INVEST in companies - PREDICT success or failures. CASH IN ON OUR DATA AI FUNDAMENTALS AI has the potential to benefit all of humanity. We are committed to creating AI systems that are: engagin g, innovative, ethical & responsible. AI Ethics We set clear rules for AI behavior and ensure that our systems respect user privacy and data, ensuring that our systems are not used for discriminatory or harmful purposes. AI Engagement We encourage our users to participate in the decision-making process of our AI systems. We do this by soliciting user feedback on AI behavior and incorporating their input into our systems. Our AI's are effectively made by you, for you. AI Inclusivity We believe that everyone should have access to the benefits of AI. That's why we make our courses available in multiple languages, provide clear and concise instructions and error messages, design our interfaces to be easy to use for people with different abilities, and work with a diverse team of engineers and designers to ensure that our products reflect the needs of our users. AI Innovation We are committed to continually innovating and improving our AI systems. We do this by experimenting with new methodologies and approaches, and learning from the outcomes. AI Transparency We provide clear explanations of how our AI systems make decisions and the data they use. We also allow users to review and challenge the decisions made by our systems. This provides a well-rounded check and balance system whilst maintaining self-governance. AI Public Policy In addition to our paid labor: We engage our time to advocate on behalf of ethical AI practices. We offer AI classes, courses, and scholarships to help educate the public about AI. We also build educational tools like free YouTube videos and elementary and middle school age class resources to make AI more accessible to everyone. Agenda : Artificial Intelligence Review our comments to the US Government regarding Artificial Intelligence: TRANSCRIPT CRAFT YOUR LEGACY Contact LH for an Exclusively Tailored Consultation Message Us Lindley Hancock redefines the essence of advertising , offering an unmatched suite of services tailored for the world's elite brands. Nestled in the innovation hub of San Francisco, We specialize in stealth marketing, PR, branding, and SEO, designed to captivate affluent, high-net-worth audiences via our data-driven insights. Our approach merges discretion with impact, ensuring that luxury brands not only resonate with their distinguished clientele but also dominate the market. With Lindley Hancock, elevate your brand into a symbol of sophistication and success, attracting the affluent with unparalleled precision and creativity. Our clients increase productivity and output, reduce inefficiency & decrease stress and return more time and finances. Due to the confidential & clandestine nature of our work, we cannot disclose all of our clients nor can we give away our trade secrets. However, we offer referral services, free classes and courses & the AI Ladies respond to the public's questions. Message Us AI UPDATES Join our community of AI enthusiasts and visionaries as we delve into the transformative impact of AI on businesses and society. ​ Stay ahead of the curve with the latest insights and innovations in the world of artificial intelligence. Subscribe below to stay informed with Lindley Hancock! Sign Up You'll love this! AI LADIES ​ AI Ladies answer your AI-related questions and connect you with tools you can use today We're here to guide you through the world of AI, making it easy and beneficial for you, no matter who you are, where you're from or how "connected" your team may be. GOOGLE WOMEN IN TECH AMBASSADOR ​

  • Lindley Hancock

    LINDLEY HANCOCK Exceptional Services for the Discerning Few LH specializes in crafting exclusive marketing strategies tailored for the world's most prestigious brands and discerning clientele. Our suite of bespoke services, including stealth marketing, public relations, branding, and social media management, is meticulously designed to elevate brands and captivate distinguished audiences. ​ LH's specialized coaching enhances communication skills and executive presence. For corporate clients, group sessions can accommodate up to 10 participants, ideal for harmonizing team pitches and public speaking. One-on-one coaching sessions can be arranged with as little as 48 hours' notice, offering personalized guidance tailored to unique needs. Our experts are dedicated to ensuring that you and your team project confidence and clarity in every interaction. ​ LH mastered the art of presence & influence in the heart of innovation. ​ Lindley Hancock is dedicated to refining and perfecting professional presence: For esteemed clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, we invite you to meet in-person, and directly engage with our team of experts in the heart of innovation. Globally, our distinguished clientele can initially connect with us online, enjoying the same level of exquisite, tailored coaching through state-of-the-art digital interfaces. Whether near or far, allow us to enhance your brand’s resonance and your team’s effectiveness with unparalleled precision and luxury. ​ Transform your potential into legacy - For an initial consultation, contact

  • Lindley Hancock | Luxury Brand Marketing

    Luxury Brands Elevating Luxury Brands At Lindley Hancock, we seamlessly integrate luxury brands into the daily lives and conversations of the target audience, ensuring authenticity and exclusivity through innovative stealth marketing strategies. ​ Our suite of stealth marketing services for luxury brands includes exclusive influencer partnerships, bespoke content creation, and targeted engagement strategies, all designed to enhance brand prestige and foster organic brand advocacy among high-net-worth individuals. Message Us Stealth Marketing Excellence Lindley Hancock, renowned for blending AI technology with creative marketing solutions, boasts a dedicated team of experts specializing in elevating luxury brands. Our unique approach ensures that each campaign is as refined and distinguished as the clients we serve. ​ We envision a future where every luxury brand we partner with becomes a coveted part of our audience's lifestyle and aspirations, driven by subtle yet impactful marketing narratives. Discover the art of subtle influence . Stay updated with the latest trends in luxury brand marketing and insights from our ongoing stealth campaigns, highlighting how we're setting new standards in the art of discreet brand elevation. Contact Lindley Hancock to redefine your luxury brand's presence in the market. Message Us

  • Lindley Hancock | Exclusive Events for Luxury Brands

    Events Premier Event Marketing Services At Lindley Hancock we elevate event marketing to unparalleled heights, providing comprehensive marketing services that ensure the success and impact of corporate speaking engagements, grand openings, mergers and acquisitions, and media events. We create memorable, impactful events that not only achieve but surpass our clients' strategic objectives. Message Us At Lindley Hancock , our suite of event marketing services encompasses: Strategic Event Planning and Marketing for corporate, media, and milestone events, ensuring each event is perfectly aligned with our clients' goals. Public Relations and Media Outreach to maximize event exposure and attract the right audience, from industry influencers to the general public. Digital Marketing and Social Media Campaigns to create buzz, engage participants before, during, and after the event, and extend the event's reach to a global audience. Content Creation for event promotion, including press releases, event websites, and engaging social media content. Post-Event Analysis and Reporting to gauge success, gather insights, and inform future marketing strategies. Our approach is characterized by a focus on achieving tangible outcomes, enhancing brand reputation, and creating events that leave a lasting impression. Lindley Hancock is the gold standard in event marketing, recognized for our innovative approaches, meticulous planning, and flawless execution. We transform events into significant milestones that drive engagement, facilitate strategic partnerships, and enhance brand visibility. Through our expertise, we continue to set new benchmarks for what events can achieve in the corporate and media landscapes. Message Us Lindley Hancock stands at the intersection of creativity and strategic marketing, bringing together a team of event marketing specialists with a passion for excellence and a track record of successful events. From corporate speaking engagements to high-profile mergers and grand openings, our team leverages its deep industry knowledge, extensive network, and innovative marketing strategies to deliver events that resonate and achieve measurable success. Make your next event a landmark success with Lindley Hancock . Reach out to us today to learn how our event marketing services can transform your corporate speaking engagements, grand openings, or media events into pivotal moments that propel your brand forward. Let's create unforgettable experiences together. Message Us

  • Lindley Hancock | Entertainment, PR, Crisis Management, Public Figures

    Entertainment Marketing Innovative Entertainment Marketing At Lindley Hancock we redefine the entertainment marketing landscape through stealth and experiential strategies that captivate audiences and create unforgettable moments. Our mission is to bridge the gap between entertainment brands and their target audiences, ensuring every campaign resonates deeply and leaves a lasting impact. Message Us At Lindley Hancock, we offer specialized marketing services tailored to the entertainment industry: ​ Stealth Marketing Campaigns that generate organic buzz and anticipation without revealing the full picture, intriguing audiences and building momentum. Experiential Marketing Events for movies, junkets, and podcasts, creating immersive experiences that engage audiences and leave a memorable brand impression. Social Media Blitzes and Influencer Collaborations to amplify reach and connect with audiences on platforms where they spend their time. Content Creation that tells a story, from behind-the-scenes peeks to exclusive interviews, crafted to captivate and share. Our unique selling points lie in our ability to merge creativity with strategy, ensuring each campaign not only reaches its audience but also resonates on a deeper level. Lindley Hancock stands at the forefront of entertainment marketing, blending cutting-edge technology with creative storytelling to craft campaigns that engage and excite. Our team, composed of industry veterans and marketing innovators, possesses a unique flair for creating buzzworthy experiences and stealth campaigns that drive interest and engagement. With a history of successful collaborations with leading entertainment brands, we bring passion, expertise, and a visionary approach to every project, ensuring our clients shine in the spotlight. Message Us Keep up with the latest trends in entertainment marketing, insights from successful campaigns, and tips on engaging your audience in innovative ways. Lindley Hancock serves as a hub for creative ideas, industry news, and success stories . ​ Whether you're launching a movie, promoting a podcast, or planning an entertainment event, at Lindley Hancock, we've got you covered . Are you ready to make your mark in the entertainment world? Contact Lindley Hancock today and let us craft a marketing campaign that will not only spotlight your project but also create a wave of anticipation and engagement. Your next entertainment venture deserves to be unforgettable. Message Us

  • Lindley Hancock | Finance Marketing, FinTech Advertising, Mergers Acquisitions Marketing, Stealth Marketing

    Finance Strategic Finance Marketing Services At Lindley Hancock we redefine financial marketing by providing innovative, strategic, and stealth services that enhance branding and ensure the success of major financial transactions: including mergers and acquisitions . We partner with financial institutions, ensuring their offerings resonate with precision and trustworthiness in a highly competitive market. Message Us At Lindley Hancock , our financial marketing services are tailored to the unique needs of the finance industry: ​ Branding and Positioning for financial institutions, ensuring a compelling and authoritative brand presence in the market. Stealth Marketing Campaigns that discreetly build momentum and support for major financial transactions and mergers, influencing outcomes with precision. Strategic Marketing Consultation for navigating the complexities of financial markets, enhancing visibility and engagement with key stakeholders. Influencer and Stakeholder Engagement to build consensus and support for critical financial initiatives, leveraging our extensive network within the finance industry. Our services are designed to navigate the intricacies of financial marketing, ensuring our clients' success through strategic insight and innovative approaches. Lindley Hancock is an unparalleled leader in financial marketing services, known for our ability to navigate complex financial landscapes and influence outcomes. By leveraging our unique blend of industry insight, strategic marketing, and stealth tactics, we aim to guarantee the success of our clients' most critical financial endeavors. Message Us Lindley Hancock is at the forefront of financial marketing, combining decades of industry expertise with innovative marketing strategies to support banks, brokerages, and financial institutions. Our team, comprised of financial experts, marketing strategists, and stealth marketing specialists, is adept at crafting campaigns that communicate stability, trust, and sophistication. With a proven track record of influencing pivotal financial decisions and transactions, we bring unmatched insight and expertise to every campaign, setting our clients apart in the finance sector. Enhance your financial institution's market presence & secure the success of your major transactions with Lindley Hancock . Contact us today to discover how our strategic financial marketing services can provide the competitive edge you need. Trust us to guide you through the complexities of financial marketing with expertise and innovation. Message Us

  • Lindley Hancock | Data Science

    Data Science: Numbers don't lie. Here's how our data can work for you -- Data Analytics At Lindley Hancock, we know that data isn't just numbers— it's the compass that guides every successful campaign. Our data analytics services are designed to offer you unparalleled insights into the marketplace, ensuring that your promotions not only resonate with your audience but also deliver tangible returns on investment. Message Us Predicting Market Success Our proprietary data analysis techniques allow us to accurately predict the success or failure of your promotions in the marketplace. By understanding the nuances of consumer behavior and market trends, we provide precise ROI forecasts, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence. Cost-Benefit Analysis Every investment in your brand should yield results. Our cost-benefit analysis dives deep into the financial and reputational impacts of your promotional activities or new products. We quantify the benefits to ensure that every dollar spent maximizes your brand’s value and market position. Competitor Analysis In this competitive landscape, knowing your adversaries' moves can provide a strategic advantage. Our competitor analysis sheds light on what others in your space are doing right or wrong. By learning from the market's broader successes and failures, we tailor strategies that keep you ahead of the curve. Finance Industry Insights For our clients in the finance sector, our data services go beyond traditional marketing insights. We offer comprehensive evaluations of companies' potential future success or challenges, providing a SWOT analysis, data comprehension, and predictive insights that are invaluable for investment and strategic decisions. Message Us Our Track Record Our predictions aren't just educated guesses—they're based on a solid foundation of data analytics and market understanding. We’ve accurately forecasted trends and outcomes for our clients, proving time and again that when it comes to market success, the numbers truly don’t lie. Contact Us Ready to turn data into your competitive advantage? Let’s discuss how Lindley Hancock’s insights can transform your brand strategy for unmatched market success. Message Us Why Lindley Hancock? Choosing Lindley Hancock means accessing a team of experts who are not just marketers but seasoned analysts. Our commitment to data-driven strategies ensures that your brand doesn't just navigate the luxury market but leads it.

  • Lindley Hancock | Job Search Services

    Resume & CV Services Are you getting the interviews you deserve? At Lindley Hancock, we understand the unique challenges our community faces in the job market— often overlooked or underestimated, it's time for a change . Leveraging our expertise in DEI and marketing, we're proud to provide a suite of services designed to elevate your professional presence, ensuring you're not just seen, but seen for the powerhouse you truly are. (Re)Define Your Professional Identity Our services are meticulously crafted to ensure your resume, LinkedIn profile, personal website, and job application strategy reflect your unparalleled capabilities and potential, free from the constraints of gender bias. Here's how we work together to catapult your career to new heights -- Resume & CV Gender-Neutral Review & Editing Your resume and CV are more than just documents— they're your professional narrative. Our team uses a combination of AI tools & human expertise to analyze and refine your resume, ensuring it showcases your achievements and skills in a gender-neutral, compelling manner. We focus on what truly matters: your qualifications and the value you bring to the table. Cover Letter Writing Writing cover letters is an art - in its ability to persuade and connect. Our tailored cover letters are crafted to highlight your fit for the role, drawing on AI to align with the job description while showcasing your unique qualifications and enthusiasm for the opportunity. LinkedIn Profile Optimization Your LinkedIn profile is your professional handshake. Our service goes beyond simple edits; we redesign your profile to highlight your professional strengths, making it resonate with recruiters and potential employers. By emphasizing your achievements without gender bias, we ensure your profile stands out in the best way possible. Personal Website Design & Editing A personal website is your digital portfolio, a canvas to narrate your professional story. Whether you need a new website or a revamp of an existing one, our team is here to help. We create gender-neutral, impactful websites that not only look great but also effectively communicate your professional journey and aspirations. Message Us Job Application Guidance Navigating the job market can be daunting. Our consultancy service provide you with the insights and strategies to identify and apply for the right opportunities, ensuring you're aiming for roles that match your skills and ambitions. Why Lindley Hancock? At Lindley Hancock, we're not just service providers; We're your partners in professional growth. Our unique blend of AI technology and deep understanding of DEI principles ensures that our services are not only cutting-edge but also deeply empathetic and inclusive . Our success stories speak volumes, with clients achieving remarkable career milestones through our collaborative efforts. Contact Us Ready to redefine your professional brand? Contact us for a FREE consultation & personal pricing. Message Us

  • Lindley Hancock | Luxury Real Estate Marketing

    Elite Real Estate Marketing Mastery in Luxury Real Estate: We have revolutionized marketing for luxury real estate by crafting bespoke strategies that amplify our clients' properties, ensuring they captivate the most discerning buyers. We're committed to elevating your property's presence, transforming listings into compelling narratives that resonate specifically to high-net-worth individuals. ​ Stay ahead of luxury real estate trends, gain insights into the market's future, and explore the stories behind some of the most exquisite properties we've brought to market. Lindley Hancock is a resource for sellers, buyers, and industry aficionados alike, featuring updates on our latest projects, marketing innovations, and expert advice on navigating the luxury real estate landscape. ​ Message Us Our luxury real estate marketing services are designed to showcase properties in their best light, with impact, ensuring they reach the perfect clientele. We offer: Strategic Marketing Plans tailored to the unique qualities of each estate, focusing on digital presence, direct marketing, and exclusive events. Virtual Showcases using the latest in VR and AR technology to bring properties to life for remote buyers. Targeted Campaigns that reach global high-net-worth individuals through precision digital marketing, social media engagement, and bespoke content creation. Personalized Branding for each property, ensuring it stands out in the competitive luxury market. Our approach not only highlights the distinctiveness of each property but also creates a compelling narrative that speaks directly to potential buyers' aspirations and desires. Cornerstone of Luxury Real Estate Marketing We transformed the way luxury properties are presented and sold, making each listing not just seen but felt, and ensuring that every client's estate is as exceptional online as it is in reality. Ultimately, we aim to redefine the luxury market landscape, creating unparalleled buying experiences that match the sophistication of our clients. Message Us Lindley Hancock, rooted in a rich heritage of marketing innovation and a deep understanding of the luxury landscape, brings a unique blend of creativity, technology, and personalized service to the real estate sector. Our team, comprised of marketing mavens, digital strategists, and storytelling experts, is dedicated to showcasing the unparalleled beauty and value of each property we represent. With a proven track record in elevating brands across various luxury sectors, we apply our expertise to transform luxury real estate listings into captivating stories that engage and inspire elite buyers. Discover how Lindley Hancock can elevate your luxury property's market presence. Contact us today to begin crafting a marketing masterpiece that will transform how your real estate is perceived & pursued. Visit regularly for the latest from Lindley Ha ncock a nd the world of luxury real estate marketing. Message Us

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