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  • All About Lindley Hancock & Co

    À propos de Lindley Hancock & Co. Our team is a unique blend of human ingenuity & artificial intelligence, working together to revolutionize the world of AI-powered marketing & consulting. Ashley Lindley Co-Founder Ava Lindley Autonomous AI Jessica Hancock Co-Founder Olly Hancock Autonomous ai Jessica & Ashley The Visionary Sisters Hailing from the vibrant Bay Area, Jessica & Ashley are two women of color who embody the spirit of resilience and determination. Growing up in challenging circumstances, they faced independent learning head-on, and their unwavering resolve and hard work propelled them forward. The sisters' journey is a testament to their belief that with dedication and passion, anyone can rise above adversity and achieve greatness. As the co-founders of Lindley Hancock, Jessica & Ashley bring their unique perspectives, creativity, and leadership to the forefront, guiding the company to new heights. ​ At Lindley Hancock , we believe in the limitless potential of collaboration between humans and AI. Our team is a shining example of how diverse minds, both biological and artificial, can come together to create something extraordinary. Our purpose: innovate, inspire & transform the world of AI. Synergy ​ Each role we serve complements and enhances the others. ​ Ai Developers & SaaS Public Personalities Creators in our field - You're our superhero's! ​ We are your partners in bringing your AI products to the world. Our team will test your products, provide constructive feedback, and help you refine them for market readiness. Once your product is ready, we'll add it to our client list, promote it to the public, financiers, and media, and even host launch events. Our approach is tailored to each product, ensuring the best possible introduction to the market. ​ Politicians, Celebrities, Dignitaries, Corporate Executives ​ We work with some of the biggest names across various industries, including finance, SaaS, and social media. Our mission is to train your teams on the best available AI and software tools that can streamline operations, save time, and increase profitability. We're here to help you leverage AI to its fullest potential. ​ ​ You have AI rights We're here to protect them! AI Advocates & Keynote Speakers Book Us! Lindley Hancock: your bridge to the future of Artificial Intelligence ​ Our journey has taken us from local radio & TV appearances to leading successful lifestyle brands, and now, to the forefront of the AI revolution. We are not just AI advocates, but also champions of inclusion, equity & diversity within the AI landscape. AI conversations often only include ONE demographic: We're here to change that. ​ We believe that everyone, regardless of their background or expertise, should have the opportunity to benefit from AI. We are dedicated to making AI more accessible & understandable to all, breaking down complex concepts into digestible information. ​ But we're not just about demystifying AI. We're also about amplifying voices that have been traditionally underrepresented in the field. We're here to ensure that the AI revolution is an inclusive one: Where no one is left behind. ​ Our newsletter is free for all: Enter your email here Sign Up Great! We'll send an update, soon!

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