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Unleash Your Potential

Lindley Hancock's

Premier AI Courses

Welcome to Lindley Hancock's exclusive AI courses, designed to empower you with the knowledge and skills to navigate the AI-driven world. Whether you're an executive, a social media manager, an aspiring author, or someone curious about AI, we have a course tailored just for you.

Empowered Women in AI Leadership: This course is designed to empower women executives by introducing them to the world of AI. It provides a comprehensive understanding of AI and its applications in leadership roles, helping them make informed decisions and drive their organizations towards success.


Social Media Mastery with AI: This hands-on course offers live training on managing social media posts using AI. Participants will learn how to create, schedule, and manage a month's worth of social media content, enhancing their digital marketing skills and online presence.


AI Explorers: A Teen's Guide to AI: This course provides a child-friendly introduction to AI, demonstrating its uses in everyday life, school, and future careers. It aims to spark curiosity and foster a deep understanding of AI among teens.


AI for the Silver Generation: This course is designed for Gen X and Baby Boomers who are interested in learning about AI. It provides a comfortable learning environment where participants can explore AI without feeling the need to rely on younger generations for assistance.


AI-Driven Success for Executives: This course is designed to help executives leverage AI tools for business success. It provides insights into how AI can be used to drive growth, with a focus on achieving outstanding results in Q3.


AI Networking and Knowledge Hub: This course is for those who already have a basic understanding of AI and want to expand their network and knowledge. It offers access to curated AI resources, simple explanations, and an exclusive invitation to our private beta or Discord community.


AI Advocacy and Consultancy Training: This course trains participants to become AI consultants. It covers the essential knowledge, implementation strategies, teaching techniques, and networking opportunities to either collaborate with us or start their own consulting firm.


AI-Enhanced Career Advancement: This course teaches participants how to use AI to tailor their resumes and cover letters according to specific job posts. It aims to enhance job-seeking skills and increase the chances of landing the desired job.


AI-Assisted Screenwriting: This course introduces the use of AI and Final Cut Pro in screenwriting. It guides participants on how to leverage AI to write high-quality screenplays, enhancing their storytelling and scriptwriting skills.


AI-Powered Authorship: This course guides participants on how to use AI to write a book, design a cover, and market it effectively. It aims to empower aspiring authors with AI tools, helping them bring their stories to life and reach a wider audience.

Our courses are an investment in your professional development.

If you're an employee, consider discussing with your employer the possibility of the company covering the course fee.

It's a cost-effective alternative to hiring consultants and a valuable opportunity to bring AI expertise in-house.

AI Courses

by Lindley Hancock

Each course is meticulously crafted, providing a comprehensive understanding of AI in various fields.


Empowered Women of AI

Social Media Mastery with AI

AI-Driven Success for Executives

AI Networking and Knowledge Hub

AI Advocacy and Consultancy Training

AI-Enhanced Career Advancement

AI Explorers: A Teen's Guide to AI

AI for the Silver Generation

AI-Assisted Screenwriting

AI-Powered Authorship

Terms & Conditions 


Course Completion and Certification: To receive a certificate of completion from Lindley Hancock, students must attend and actively participate in all classes and pass the final exam with a score of 95% or higher. Students will have three attempts to pass the final exam. If a student does not pass after the third attempt, they will need to retake the entire course to earn the certificate.


Course Format: Our courses are delivered through a combination of video lessons, live chats, digital coursework, tests, quizzes, and real-life scenarios. This blended learning approach ensures a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.


Course Pricing: The pricing for our courses reflects the quality of instruction, the uniqueness of the content, and the personalized nature of the learning experience. We are committed to delivering high-value education that equips our students with the skills they need to succeed in the AI field.


Refunds and Transfers: Due to the personalized nature of our courses, we do not allow refunds or transfers. Once a student has enrolled in a course, they are expected to complete it.


Data Collection and AI Interaction: To deliver the best possible learning experience, we require students to approve cookies and information collection. This allows our AI to work with students more effectively, tailoring the learning experience to their needs.


Accreditation: Our courses are not currently accredited by any state or government body. However, we are at the forefront of AI education, and we strive to deliver the highest quality of instruction. As the field of AI evolves, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve and seeking accreditation where possible.


Employment Guarantee: While we are confident in the value of our courses and believe they can enhance your career prospects, we cannot promise or guarantee work or placement. The success of our students in the job market depends on many factors, including individual effort, skills, and the state of the job market.


Intellectual Property and Course Conduct: All course materials, including videos, live chats, digital coursework, tests, quizzes, and real-life scenarios, are the intellectual property of Lindley Hancock. Any recording, scraping, copying, or distribution of course materials without our explicit permission is strictly prohibited. Our AI systems monitor for such activities. If a student is found to be engaging in unauthorized use or distribution of our course materials, they will be immediately removed from the course without a refund. This policy is in place to protect the integrity of our courses and the value they provide to our students. By enrolling in our courses, students agree to respect our intellectual property rights and abide by this policy. Any violation of these terms may result in legal action.


Additional Terms: By enrolling in our courses, students agree to abide by all course policies and procedures, respect the rights and privacy of other students, and uphold the highest standards of academic integrity. Any violation of these terms may result in dismissal from the course without a refund.

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