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Next-Gen Tech
Marketing Solutions

At Lindley Hancock we empower tech innovators and startups

in the heart of San Francisco with cutting-edge marketing strategies

that amplify their impact in the realms of AI, cryptocurrency, and Web3.


We bridge the gap between groundbreaking

technology and its target audience, ensuring

visibility, engagement, and growth.

Lindley Hancock offers a spectrum of marketing services tailored for the tech industry:

  • Innovative Product Launches that make a splash in the market, utilizing a mix of digital marketing, PR, and event marketing to generate buzz.

  • Strategic Branding for tech companies, ensuring that your brand's message resonates clearly and compellingly with your audience.

  • Content Marketing and SEO tailored to the tech sector, leveraging the latest trends and technologies to enhance online visibility and engagement.

  • Community Building within the crypto and Web3 spaces, fostering engagement and loyalty among users and investors.


Our proximity to tech giants in San Francisco provides us with unique insights and opportunities to leverage the latest trends and networks, positioning our clients at the forefront of the tech industry.

Under the Duvet
Warehouse Robot

Lindley Hancock is the catalyst for emerging tech companies aiming to make a significant mark globally.


From the innovation crucible of San Francisco,

we aspire to lead our clients

—next to giants like LinkedIn, Google, and Meta—towards unprecedented success,

making every tech brand we partner with

synonymous with innovation, leadership,

and future-forward thinking.

Rooted in the technological heartland of

San Francisco, California; Lindley Hancock stands at the crossroads of technology and marketing brilliance.


Our team, drawn from the ranks of tech giants

and marketing leaders, brings a wealth of experience

and a track record of success in

launching and scaling tech ventures.


Specializing in AI, crypto, and Web3,

we combine deep tech understanding with innovative marketing strategies to navigate the complexities of the tech industry and drive tangible results.


Are you ready to launch your
tech venture into the stratosphere?

Connect with Lindley Hancock today and discover how our bespoke marketing solutions can catapult your brand to the forefront of the tech revolution. Let's build the future together, right from the heart of San Francisco.

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