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At present, Lindley Hancock prioritizes corporate clients (and mid-size businesses) seeking to replace their employees with digital fulfillment. Our pricing model is dependent upon industry, replacement roles, scope of duties and availability. 

Note: If you are currently building a company, please come to us first- correcting work can take so much longer than building properly from scratch! 


If you are a marketer or influencer seeking our digital fulfillment packages, please let us know what companies you work with and what turnaround time you need for fulfillment. 


At-present we offer discounts for:

  • Bulk purchases 

  • Long-term contracts (starts at 6 months)

  • Franchisees working together 

  • Multiple Unit/Location Brands

  • Military Veterans, Single Family Households and Small Businesses


It's important to note that the cost of fulfillment is just one part of the equation. Businesses should also consider the employment cost, insurance, wages, rent, in addition to lifetime value of a customer when evaluating our pricing, as well as the effectiveness of different marketing channels and strategies. *We will provide a savings to cost spreadsheet with every quote. 


We look forward to working with you!

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