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Founded by
Lindley & Jessica Hancock,
Lindley Hancock's consultancy
embodies a legacy of innovation,
integrity, & impactful results.

We specialize in navigating
the complexities of the digital age,
offering bespoke solutions that
drive success & foster growth.

Experience & Expertise

Ashley and Jessica have not only witnessed

the evolution of the digital landscape

but have also shaped it.


Our hands-on approach and deep industry knowledge ensure your brand is not just seen but also revered.

Tailored Strategies

Understanding that no two companies are the same,

we offer customized consulting services

designed to meet your unique

challenges and objectives.


Our strategies are not just innovative;

They're transformative.

Confidentiality & Trust

At the heart of Lindley Hancock

is a commitment to confidentiality and trust.


We understand the value of discretion

and ensure that all consultations & strategies

are handled with the utmost integrity.


Our goal is to not just meet but exceed your expectations. Whether it's rebranding, media preparation,

analysis, or crisis management -

We're dedicated to

delivering results that matter.

LH Specializations

Confidential Consultants


We serve as your confidential consultants and stealth marketing specialists, ensuring your strategies not only resonate but also remain ahead of the curve.

Information is Power,

Discretion is our Mantra.

Confidential Analysis Reports

Make informed decisions with our in-depth analysis reports. We delve into potential investments and competitor evaluations, providing you with the insights needed to navigate the competitive landscape confidently.


Crisis Management

In times of crisis, our critical fixer services are second to none. From crafting urgent press releases to strategizing SMM and SEO, we manage public engagement to protect and enhance your brand's reputation.



Our expertise in comprehensive overhauls is unparalleled. From SWOT analysis to KPI optimization, SEO enhancements, web development, and Social Media Marketing (SMM), we redefine your brand for the digital age.


Mass Media Preparation

Whether it's high-profile TV segments, TED Talks, debates, or speeches, we prepare you to shine in the spotlight. Our coaching and content strategies ensure your message is powerful and memorable.

We're Ready:
Are you?

Contact Lindley Hancock today to discover how our

consulting services can transform your business. Together,

let's build a future where your brand not only thrives but leads.



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